Jul 29, 2009


My last minute cross-country trip included a few days in NYC and a few more Upstate.

L.A. Vintage Exchange research was in full mode while in the city. I hit a few dud shops- then luckily was introduced to Refinery29's editorial director- Christene Barberich- who pointed me in right direction. I took her recommendation and headed to Tribeca where I scored a pair of tri-purple cut-out Stuart Weitzman heels at Housing Works.

Taking attention away from the vintage hunt - one Soho afternoon consisted of bellinis with a close friend, then a 2 hours+ shopping expedition at the new Topshop. Amazing in many ways - yet I couldn't shake the club vibe with the lines & ropes. I picked up a few stacks of bracelets and made a break for it while my attention was focused that way.

For the weekend- we packed a car and headed for the Catskill Mts where time was lost and everyone let loose.

Only attempt cartwheels in comfy light cotton plaids & super soft boyfriend jean cut-offs with wine to follow...

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