Mar 12, 2010

one Year, one day

Mar 10, 2010

rescued Gems

vintage jewelry is so purty.

Owl Layers

Black & Gold Luxe

Silver Dove

Mar 8, 2010

chuck Taylors

i just completed this for a company in London.  I got to talk about style, and model some Converse- not too painful. :)

How would you describe your style? 

Comfy, casual, cool.
My go-to outfit at the moment is a black Alexander Wang T dress, consignment lame leggings, and vintage 9west lace-up field boots. I also love jewelry; my favorite is a full-finger armor ring I scored on Ebay. I rarely buy new- I stick to vintage and re-sale shops- much more selection, plus you’re making the eco-friendly choice.

How do you think your style has changed in the last year?

Less trend, more classics. I’ve down-sized my wardrobe considerably in the last year. I finally let go of things I clearly did not wear and now have some favorite key pieces I love to mix and match with my favorite accessories and shoes.

What influences your style and who are your style icons?

I'm drawn to natural things. I grew up rural Minnesota, we were influenced little by media, and style was something we found from within. I also come from a fashionable line of women- my mother and grandmothers have a very Town & Country appeal and have influenced my personal taste- it'd be rare for me not to be wearing something I was passed down. My influences have created a mix of boho nomad with chic, classic, I love it.

What do you think of Converse?

The converse chuck taylors are classic. I've owned a few pairs, but I'm very partial to my denim blue high-tops. Being 5'9, I usually wear flats and I love that I can mix converse in and out of my wardrobes as easily as my moccasins or sandals.

What would you do if you ran Converse for a day?

I'd pull a Tom's Shoes and for every converse purchased, a pair would go someone who needs them, esp. people in Chile or Haiti.

Mar 2, 2010

tara, Ink.

In prep for an upcoming LA Vintage Exchange shoot- I met w my cute friend Lia at her work: Tara, Ink.- to check out the lines, talk about pulls, and eat a delicious lunch at Real Food Daily.

Tara, Ink. has set up in West Hollywood- the showroom is located in a beautiful, well-designed Spanish style house and the offices in a bright back house with only a lush, green yard in between.

The fashion PR company represents a ton of cool lines, mixing fashion-forward indie designers with well-known brands like Trina Turk and Penguin. I immediately honed in on a line from a duo of friends called GAS'D, guess Taylor swift was just spotted in a T, we have so much in common! Their necklaces are super special and recreated from vintage materials. I must have been on a jewelry kick, because I also went a bit nuts over the Valou Jewelry 3 cap ring- i love.

A few snapshots from the afternoon...

Welcome to Tara, Ink.
Lia showing me some new stuff.

A full buffet of Trina Turk jewelry, yum.

Summer-ready Trina Byrd Romper.

Awesome vintage jewelry line: GAS'D.

+ the popular GAS'D pima cotton T.
Quick peek of the luxe handbag line: Beautiful People.