Jul 29, 2009


My last minute cross-country trip included a few days in NYC and a few more Upstate.

L.A. Vintage Exchange research was in full mode while in the city. I hit a few dud shops- then luckily was introduced to Refinery29's editorial director- Christene Barberich- who pointed me in right direction. I took her recommendation and headed to Tribeca where I scored a pair of tri-purple cut-out Stuart Weitzman heels at Housing Works.

Taking attention away from the vintage hunt - one Soho afternoon consisted of bellinis with a close friend, then a 2 hours+ shopping expedition at the new Topshop. Amazing in many ways - yet I couldn't shake the club vibe with the lines & ropes. I picked up a few stacks of bracelets and made a break for it while my attention was focused that way.

For the weekend- we packed a car and headed for the Catskill Mts where time was lost and everyone let loose.

Only attempt cartwheels in comfy light cotton plaids & super soft boyfriend jean cut-offs with wine to follow...

Jul 22, 2009

say Cheese

Last saturday's sale at the Silver Lake Vintage Market consisted of tons of sun, lots of laughs and some seriously stylish shoppers.

Ms. Suzy Lequeux moved some Rossmore pieces along with capturing some great shots. Check out the full photo shoot on
Riot Report.

Jul 21, 2009

kickback Cali

Last photo shoot with the girls was so enjoyable- we decided to do another, and then another.

The second shoot took place at a friend's store in Venice- The Stronghold. Michael and his partners took the brand's concept all the way & the beautiful space tells a story of quality denim and craftsmanship. The Stronghold is the 4th oldest denim brand EVER and every detail is as authentic as possible- i.e. sewing the jeans in-house to decking out the space in time-period furniture.

Shooting on Abbott Kinney played well with kickback Cali themed vintage clothes. Friends stopped by to hang out and I lucked out when The Stronghold's close friend Patty Perreira loaned me 70 pairs of sunglasses from her new line: Barton Perreira. A previous designer for Oliver Peoples (!!) - she and another OP exec started Barton Perreira a few years ago. The high-end line sells everywhere from Neiman Marcus to cool niche boutiques like The Golden State, so I was more than excited to incorporate them with the L.A. Vintage Exchange picks.

Check out Kristina's shots below - more on facebook.

Wardrobe / Styling: Courtney Lowe

Photography: Kristina Sorensen

Location: The Stronghold - Venice, CA

Sunglasses: Barton Perreira

Models: Veerta Motiani
Laura Cano

Jul 16, 2009

riot Report

L.A. Vintage Exchange coverage on Riot Report!

Like the drudge report for fashion- Riot Report is a human-run news aggregate site that brings you all the best blogging from the web daily.


silver Lake style

Last Saturday's sale at the Silver Lake Market was a social success.

I moved some great pieces for a DEAL & even made a sunglasses trade end-of-day.

Ms. Suzy Lequeux brought her photo gear and snapped shots of our stylish shoppers.

This Saturday Lizz, Suzy & I are combing forces at the market and bringing a selection worth checking out!

This SATURDAY from 10am - 4pm
in the HEART of Silverlake
Micheltorena Elementary School
1511 Micheltorena Street.Los Angeles CA 90026

Jul 15, 2009

sublime Stam


Jul 13, 2009

road Trip

Last week we did what any normal person would do - leave the cool beach air and head to the 105 degree desert.

First to Las Vegas, then to Palm Springs. It was a great chance to pull out fun dresses and accessories that I don't usually wear in my daily, comfy LA uniform (cut-offs and plaid button down). My mission was to research the vintage markets in both destinations. And I was not disappointed.

During some down-time I had my first real experience at the Black Jack table and came out $130 ahead! I walked away from the table as fast as possible and spent it all on vintage the next day.

By the end of the trip- my compact yet still somehow roomy Jetta- was PACKED. Some of the outrageous finds include a beautiful beaded HALSTON top, a super stylish 70's leather chair, tan leather shorty cowboy boots, numerous over-sized cocktail rings, and studded purses & tops. I got back to LA in time to sell at the Silver Lake Vintage Market and received lots of rave reviews on the pick-ups!
More up online soon.

Jul 6, 2009

photo Booth

Ms. Suzy Lequeux & I recently hosted a trunk show at her lovely spanish style apartment in west hollywood. The day was a hot success and the impromptu photo booth was more popular than you could have imagined. The girls looked on point in the vintage ware and Rossmore accessories!

black & gold: Estel in a nautical bloomingdale's jumpsuit & Suzy in a luxe silk top

Rachel wearing 3 tone 80's YSL frames

Kristina & me trying on vintage summer dresses

Suzy & Rachel ready for the beach

Marcieanna in black & white stripes

Estel + leather mini & Suzy + floral romper = perfect combo