Jul 13, 2009

road Trip

Last week we did what any normal person would do - leave the cool beach air and head to the 105 degree desert.

First to Las Vegas, then to Palm Springs. It was a great chance to pull out fun dresses and accessories that I don't usually wear in my daily, comfy LA uniform (cut-offs and plaid button down). My mission was to research the vintage markets in both destinations. And I was not disappointed.

During some down-time I had my first real experience at the Black Jack table and came out $130 ahead! I walked away from the table as fast as possible and spent it all on vintage the next day.

By the end of the trip- my compact yet still somehow roomy Jetta- was PACKED. Some of the outrageous finds include a beautiful beaded HALSTON top, a super stylish 70's leather chair, tan leather shorty cowboy boots, numerous over-sized cocktail rings, and studded purses & tops. I got back to LA in time to sell at the Silver Lake Vintage Market and received lots of rave reviews on the pick-ups!
More up online soon.

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