Jul 2, 2009


Yesterday for lunch I visited a recent favorite find (thanks patrick) - Mrs. Winston's Green Grocery. The thought of a buffet would usually make me cringe, but this is every healthy thing you'd ever want in one spot. Picture the Wholefoods salad bar x10. Unfortunately, these are only on the westside and conveniently placed next to large, corporate offices - so, I enjoy when possible - not often. Fast, fresh, healthy & you can even compost your container.

Next was a quick pit stop at the 3rd St. Promenade. These days I rarely buy anything when shopping at a mall- so I use these excursions as "research". As I sipped my mocha blended ice from coffee bean I checked out anthro's new displays, did a loop through urban outfitters and then found myself in a KITSON OUTLET pop-up store. Usually, i'd run from so much bad material and bling, but a $5 shelf full of designer candles stopped me. I thrifted through the mess and ended up with a copy of Rachel Zoe's book, a great shade of MOR lip gloss, a tube of L'occitane lotion & one Votivo Candle - $5 each. The shop is only there until next Tuesday, but worth a stop if you're in Santa Monica.

Votivo Deep Clover Candle

MOR Tahitian Lip Gloss

Style A to Z by Rachel Zoe

L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

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