Apr 29, 2009

palm Springs

Spent the weekend & then some in Palm Springs with friends - now playing catch up.

A vintage shopping heaven, I missed out this time around & focused all energy poolside soaking up sunshine at the Parker. Rock-n-roll boutique styled rooms designed by Jonathon Adler was icing on the cake.

The boho vibe inspired a photo shoot - the numerous photo locations & changes inspired a large dinner & vino.

Apr 27, 2009


Apr 22, 2009

acting Yachty

Love, love, love summer and if I had my choice I’d spend all day aboard a yacht sipping champagne. Reality is I live sort-of close to the beach and know currently no one w/ a yacht. So, the best way to channel this nautical need is to fill my wardrobe with sailor inspired goods. Living in LA I don’t mind playing with this look year round – but for the fashion faint- spring/summer is a sure bet.

Check out a few VTG nautical inspired goodies up for grabs:

Apr 20, 2009

hello Sunshine

It's been over 100+ in L.A. - I love L.A.

image source

Apr 18, 2009

silver Lake art, craft & vintage

Another Sale, if you’re not at Coachella – PLZ come shop L.A. Vintage Exchange & Popomomo. Tons of vintage clothes, jewelry & kitch nonsense.

The Silver Lake Art / Craft & Vintage Market @ Sunset Junction this Saturday.

Lizz's latest inspiration- Leather & Lace:

Apr 13, 2009

shop Online 24/7

Vintage shopping at 12AM?

Now alive & kicking: L.A. Vintage Exchange Online

Shop my etsy and ebay stores anytime day or night.

A perfect match for stylish gals who want indie, comfort & price. I’m constantly updating w/ new vintage goodies in great styles & fits.

Apr 11, 2009

give Me peace and chemicals

M83 - Run Into Flowers

M83 - We Own The Sky

Secrets from the winds
Burnt stars crying
So many moons here
Lost wings floating

I recently saw M83 at Disney Music Hall - a few days later I lost someone very dear to me- I'm still hoping music heals all.

Apr 6, 2009

saturday's Sale: prarie grunge

The Silver Lake Craft & Vintage Market’s new location is stones throw from my casa and oh so spacious!

I immediately sold my beloved Missoni Plaid shirt- i did only find it a week ago - but knew it was a golden nugget. I'm now wondering when & where I'll see it being sold for x3 the prices. Shoes & boots were super popular Saturday – along with tons of interest in Lizz’s new inspiration: Prairie Grunge. Both being midwest natives, we feel quite at home in the flowy flowers. I also had to say goodbye to my hot-ass Girbaud cut-offs. I kid you not; the girl who bought them was 13 and had not heard of the brand. I made sure to fill her in on the details- ah, teenagers.

Urb Magazine gave us some love

and Racked LA interviewed/ photographed Lizz & me.

No Kogi truck this time, but we put in a request to the ghetto gloss gals & keep our fingers crossed.

Stay posted for upcoming SALE dates: a possibility for this Saturday in Slvrlk or the following Sunday (4/19) at the Melrose Trading Post. Check out FACEBOOK for all the dets.

Apr 4, 2009

shop It: silver lake craft & vintage market

It’s on, another sale! Sat. April 4th is round #2 at the silver lake craft & vintage market. New location, new day: how exciting. Lizz & I are pairing up for another expo of vintage goods including a whole bunch of must-have dresses, jumpers, blazers & more. Come say hello – fingers crossed the Kogi truck will show up - I want to taste this insane korean taco fusion ...

Apr 1, 2009

l.a. Vintage exchange kick-off sale

Drum Roll, please: The first L.A. Vintage Exchange sale debuted last weekend at the Silver Lake Craft & Flea Mkt. I paired up with one of my fav L.A. people – Lizz Wasserman creator / designer of the eco-friendly line, Popomomo to sell our vintage goods. The day turned out to be a success, sale highlights include a cool leather pair of blk motorcycle boots, vintage silk print tops & scarves and of course, a few lusted after boyfriend blazers. It was awesome catching up with friends who stopped by & meeting new friends-clients. We're selling again this weekend, but new location @ Sunset Junction!