Apr 6, 2009

saturday's Sale: prarie grunge

The Silver Lake Craft & Vintage Market’s new location is stones throw from my casa and oh so spacious!

I immediately sold my beloved Missoni Plaid shirt- i did only find it a week ago - but knew it was a golden nugget. I'm now wondering when & where I'll see it being sold for x3 the prices. Shoes & boots were super popular Saturday – along with tons of interest in Lizz’s new inspiration: Prairie Grunge. Both being midwest natives, we feel quite at home in the flowy flowers. I also had to say goodbye to my hot-ass Girbaud cut-offs. I kid you not; the girl who bought them was 13 and had not heard of the brand. I made sure to fill her in on the details- ah, teenagers.

Urb Magazine gave us some love

and Racked LA interviewed/ photographed Lizz & me.

No Kogi truck this time, but we put in a request to the ghetto gloss gals & keep our fingers crossed.

Stay posted for upcoming SALE dates: a possibility for this Saturday in Slvrlk or the following Sunday (4/19) at the Melrose Trading Post. Check out FACEBOOK for all the dets.

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