Jun 2, 2009

goodbye June gloom

After working non-stop for the last few years– only finding time to leave LA in a plane to go home or to New York– I’ve booked myself a two week holiday. First to Hawaii for 6 days to relax & play, then Minnesota for 7 to see family & friends. This requires a vast wardrobe with little room– esp now that you have to pay more to check luggage. I feel like it wasn't that long ago you could bring TWO large suitcases for no extra charge!

As the champ of over-packing– I really want to follow my own advice and go minimal & comfy– but I'm a girl who needs options. I have an old vintage suitcase I’d love to sport- this would require me to pack light & carry-on. But I also can’t forget about the new, HUGE Diane Von Furstenberg luggage set I received as a Christmas present last year. Maybe a mix of both would solve this?

By tomorrow evening I'll just want my swimsuit & flip flops.

Vintage Wristlet Tote & Suitcase via Moxie Thrift Store

Vintage Inspired Suitcases via Target

Vintage Hardtop Red Suitcase via Moxie Thrift Store

my Lady D - Pewter Suitcase by DVF

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