Jun 15, 2009

maui Waui

I fell in love with Maui the minute we touched ground.

The locals are friendly, weather is amazing & the scenery is out of this world.

It was a great opportunity to pull out my favorite Hawaiian sundresses and put them to appropriate use. Shopping in Lahaina is what you’d might expect: knick-knack tourist crap. I did find the local Salvation Army, which consisted of much stuff under a carport. Because it was Sunday they were only taking donations – no shopping allowed. It wasn’t meant to be & Lady D thanked me.


my favorite bamboo: Buddah's Belly.

peacock @ the Garden of Eden.

a Mustang trio.

pre Ritz buffet: wearing hawaiin vintage.

a blowhole, seriously.

and, a Sebring duo.

making a Starbuck's run early AM.

show off.


hawaii is my new religion.

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