Aug 18, 2009

bev Hills luxe

The most recent L.A. Vintage Exchange photo shoot was pure Beverly Hills Luxe. Glitz & glam inspired the picks.
Laura & Vee pulled off the styles effortlessly and Kristina got creative with the lighting. The over-the-top luxe feel was thick with a fur jacket poolside & sequins paired with the bike. The finishing touch was meeting another MN native- Jessica Matrasko and her amazing jewelry line. Jessica Matrasko Jewelry is an original collection of rough cut gemstones and minerals- it worked well with the vintage picks. I haven't stopped thinking about the Raquel Bracelet - a hand braided wrap that is stylish and versatile - use as a bracelet, in your hair, or a necklace.

Wardrobe / Styling:
Courtney Lowe

Kristina Sorensen

Jessica Matrasko

Veerta Motiani
Laura Cano
Location: Beverly Hills, CA


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