Aug 3, 2009

beach House

The Malibu beach house featured in the movie Spanglish was shoot location #3 for L.A. Vintage Exchange.
Yes, I feel lucky.

Models / Friends- Laura &
Cristina looked hot in the bright vintage selection and the spacious house allowed many shoot locations.

The day was full of music, food and some amazing shots captured by
Kristina - esp. as the sun went down.

As I like - the clothes were a mix of savvy CA vintage paired with contemporary designer pieces by Chloe & YSL among others..

It's crucial to mix & match - too much vintage on vintage can look costumey. Combine unique vintage finds with designer and/or eco-friendly contemporary pieces to keep yourself looking stylish.

Wardrobe / Styling: Courtney Lowe

Photography: Kristina Sorensen

Location: PCH - Malibu, CA

Cristina Nardozzi

More photos

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  1. such an amazing photo shoot! my what talented ladies.. styleeeeeeeeee hot mamas!!!!!!!!!!!!