Dec 16, 2009

rose Bowl

Sunday AM I woke up extra early to shop
the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market.

The once a month sale is very popular, especially during the holiday months. This week the early morning showers made it an easy entrance.

The wet grounds got my

well worn leather riding boots wet.

So I was in search of the perfect thing
to solve the wet feet problem,
rain boots.

On the way I ran into a

3 story dream house for $65- sold!

Once I landed the dream house,
things started to look good!

These THIGH high motorcycle boots

from The Goods caught my eye.

Also, thought these camel
stacked heel boots were pretty cute.

My day at the Rose Bowl ended a success, including scoring an acid wash Levi's jean jacket + high-waist leather pants, but boot-wise I did not find what I was hoping for...

So I headed to the Marc Jacobs store on Melrose where finally after wanting for so long, I purchased the MARC Rain Boots with the yellow bottoms. So comfy, at $30 w tax, I don't know why I waited so long to get a pair!

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  1. rad post Courtney. i want the mj boots toooooooooo!!! dont hate if i copy your mad steeez .. k! xoxoxo ps did you really get the dream house??? i want a dream house!