Sep 27, 2009

target Red

Anouk Lepere

Linda Vojtova

Elise Crombez

Tiiu Kuik

Leah De wavrin

Anouk Lepere

Anja Rubik

Julia Dunstall
Erin Wasson

Nimue Smit

I've been in a long time pursuit for the perfect RED lipstick.

Many reds can have a hint of orange, scream fire engine or give off a deep & dark goth feel. My search was for the purest of all reds.

Recently while cruising the beauty aisles at the local culver city Target I spotted the last tube of L'Oreal TARGET RED. Just by eyeing the color I knew I had a winner. At a $6 price point I could not resist the purchase, and am glad I didn't. The lipstick has become one of my favorite make-up essentials - I've used this color on the models in numerous L.A. Vintage Exchange shoots, given as a birthday present to fashionable friends & carry a tube in my purse at all times. While ok for a photo shoot- no need to layer on the eye make-up like many of the ladies above- keep this look wearable with a natural glow and kissable red lips.

Found exclusively at Target Stores - Not available online.

Wearing L'Oreal Target Red lipstick - model's Laura Cano & Cristina Nardozzi at a recent L.A. Vintage Exchange photo shoot in Malibu.

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  1. i love your blog. it's so great! but i'm sad that you don't post ever day. i never know when to come back to your blog.

    i also like your shoots - do you have a gallery on this page of all your shoots?